Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I'm still here!

Oh me oh last post was in March! Shame shame, it's been too long I know. Since stopping Kindermusik classes, my saturdays have been filled with family activities, which is really nice for a change. I missed the kids, but I certainly dont miss the hours I spent teaching on saturdays!

Just came back from a mission trip in Miri. Wow, words can't describe my experience there. It was simply awesome. The 13 of us from First Baptist Church bonded so well with the brothers and sisters at Piasau Baptist Church. We worked so well together. It was like we have known each other for years. We worked hard, we laughed, we prayed, we played....only 5 days we were in Miri but memories will last a lifetime. 48 kids came to camp. 23 kids accepted Christ, out of that 17 of them from unchurched family. It was wonderful to see how God answered our prayers, and see how receptive the kids were to God's word.

You can view the photos at

Back in full swing again with school mum/driver/housekeeper..hehe!

Will try to write again soon! PROMISE!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Nearly a Year

Hiya folks,

It's been nearly a year ( shame, shame!) that I haven't been blogging. Amanda ( my soon to be 18 year old daughter) made a promise to blog everyday so here I am...inspired by her discipline, though I know I probably wont be able to find time or brain cells to blog everyday.

Many changes in my life. Next week will be the last day I am teaching. I am taking another break from Kindermusik. This time around, I feel like I really need a break because I am feeling tired, and the joy of teaching is not the same as before. I suppose lots of factors are involved. I miss the time I have with my family on Saturdays. Every weekend goes by so quickly. I have missed so many activities of my kids because I am away teaching. It's time to take a break. Hubby is glad, the kids are happy ( I hope) that mummy is less frazzled every saturday.

AND, Amanda is got accepted into a US college. Knox College in Illinois. My geography is pretty bad ( !) so I took out my dusty and neglected atlas to see where Illinois is.'s very far away from Malaysia! She got a scholarship as well. Hubby and I are very proud of her. We know ( in our heads) that this is going to be a HUGE milestone in her life. Studying in US is going to open her eyes to so many things, and she is probably going to grow into a different person from who she is now. My heart is cracking though. It's very hard to let go. But I thank God that I have a God who loves Amanda more than I can ever love her. Even though I cannot be there for her physically, He is watching over her at all times. Gosh, I hope by the time she leaves, I am all cry-ed out. I am a mess at the moment....

I am also going to take over the role of the head of the children ministry in church. God has been speaking clearly and I know He wants me to do this. I know the workload will be tremendous, but I also know that as long as I am depending on God, the burden will be light. I pray that I will not lose focus on God, and will not lose focus on what is essential, learn to let go of the peripherals and concentrate on the important things.

Ha...I havent written this long for a long time. Excuse the grammar mistakes please....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The burst balloon....!

Adam and I were giving a ride to my new found friend and her son. We were yakking in the car and my friend E asked Adam about his siblings.

Says he, my kor kor Alex is 14 years old and my che che Amanda is 17 years old.

E then exclaimed...Sue, I don't believe this. You look so young! ( the balloon) modestly said...No la...I am already quite old.

Before anyone can say anything, smart aleck Adam chipped in....yes, my mummy is quite old actually. She looks young because she dyes her hair!

Riiggghhtttt....thanks my son...said the limp balloon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My 6 year old son is developing a sharp sense of humour. My mum is visiting, and all three of us were having lunch one day.

Adam asked Por old are you?

Por Por said...err, opposite of 17....( mum loves to tease him, a bit wacky like me la)

Adam opened his eyes big, and said in amazement...

Wow Por are 71 years are nearly a 100 years old then!

He....good thing he is cute or he wouldnt have got away with that statement. For those of you who know my mum, she acts like a teenager and walk much faster and longer than me, especially when in a shopping mall.

Her room looks like an accessories shop selling bangles, earrings, hair pins, handbag...and all in the brightest color possible....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why Do I teach music?

Hi folks, I read this at a kindermusik blog. I am so glad I am a Kindermusik teacher!

Why Do We Teach Music?

Not because we expect you to major in music.
Not only because we expect you to play or sing all your life.
Not only so you can relax.
Not just so you can have fun.

so you will be more human.
so you will recognize beauty.
so you will be sensitive.
so you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world.
so you will have something to cling to.
so you will have more compassion,
more gentleness, more good--in short, more life.

Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hiya folks, the government is not doing enough to contain the virus. Please take good care, take precautions and build up your immune system. I pray that all will stay healthy!

Why Kindermusik?